We stand committed to protecting the environment by minimizing pollution, optimizing fuel consumption, and converting waste into resources wherever possible in our Designs.

Given its sector of business, RMS believes that it has a special obligation to respect the environment. RMS ensures taking the necessary measures to minimize the consequences of its actions and products on the environment. At RMS we play a pro-active role in contributing towards creating a greener world which also extends to all the stakeholders that are engaged with us.

Whether it is cutting carbon emissions, recycling, sourcing responsibly or just eliminating waste we together with our partners and clients will continue to seek innovative methods to minimize negative impacts in delivery and maximize efficiency in use.

This preoccupation has led us to embrace an environmental protection policy consisting of applying measures to all our sectors. RMS makes it a point of honor not to send any waste materials into the environment, and keeps non-essential plastic and carton packaging to an absolute minimum.