Occupational health and safety in the Republic of Kazakhstan

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Labor Protection

Description of courses

In accordance with the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 23, 2015 under No. 414-V RKL  – the Employer is obliged to: «Organize training and examination on occupational health and safety of managing employees and those, who is responsible for ensuring the health and safety, periodically at least once every three years for organizations engaged in training of personnel, in the manner prescribed by the authorized body for labor, according to the list approved by the act of the employer:

Also in accordance with the Order of the Minister of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 25, 2015 under No. 1019.

«On approval of Regulations and terms of training, instruction and testing of knowledge on occupational health and safety of employees»


  • To provide information on the legal base, regulatory and methodical basics of certification of workplaces on working conditions at the enterprises, State Control and certification of labor protection issues.
  • To introduce the legal framework of labor protection, issues of training and instruction on occupational safety, security, investigation and registration of accidents.
  • To prepare the company for inspection for occupational safety and health conditions.
  • To introduce a mechanism for the implementation of preventive measures to reduce occupational accidents and diseases, the formation of economic incentives to ensure health and safety of employees.

The target audience

  • Heads of enterprises and managers at all levels, security and occupational health staff, safety engineers, among whom is created a constantly-acting the Board of Examination at the enterprise.

Focus of the Program

  • State administration in the field of occupational safety and health.
  • Guarantees of the rights of employees in the field of occupational safety and health.
  • Provision of training in occupational safety and verification of knowledge of labor protection requirements of organization’s employees.
  • The rights and obligations of employees and employers in the field of occupational safety and health.
  • Occupational health and safety management system.
  • Organization of occupational health and safety.
  • Investigation and registration of accidents and other work-related damage to the health of employees. Compensation to victims.
  • Social partnership and social protection of injured at work.
  • Monitoring of compliance with labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Upon successful completion of the course participants receive a test report, certificate and certificate of completion.

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