Engineering Services

RMS offers its clients innovative Engineering and Consulting services as well as interdisciplinary and integrated Project Management in the following fields of competence and business areas.

Project Management

RMS aims at being the Project Management Consultant of choice by supporting its customers’ business objectives and consistently delivering projects with outstanding safety and environmental performance that meet Cost, Schedule and Quality requirements of the Project.

Risk Management

An organization’s ability to effectively mitigate and capitalize on risk is a growing differentiator in the marketplace with direct impact to business profit and mission effectiveness. In a world of greater complexity, uncertainty and accelerating change, RMS’s Risk Consulting practice positions resilience as a strategic imperative.

Metrology & Callibration

Mechanical engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is physically possible in order to produce safer, cheaper, and more efficient machines and mechanical systems.

Training & Development

In present times, Employers and Organizations are adopting a structured approach to training in order to retain key staff, develop the skills and knowledge within the organization to maintain a sustainable and competitive advantage.

Operation & Maintenance

The energy industry is the totality of all of the industries involved in the production and sale of energy, including fuel extraction, manufacturing, refining and distribution.